Born in NYC, Anton Vee started drumming at age seven. Moving from Chula Vista to Mendocino, CA at age 11, he played drums in every capacity offered — Mendocino Grammar School, Junior High, High School, Marching Band, Orchestra, Stage Band, etc. — when his music director Bob Ayers invited him to play his first professional paid gig at age 14.

After High School, Anton joined ‘Da-Da’, a local progressive performance-art group with a large following along the north coast. After Da-Da, Anton played several shows with Tommy Tutone, of ‘867-5309 Jenny Jenny’ notoriety. Then, after relocating to San Francisco/Oakland area, he joined up with the ‘Queen’ of New Wave, Pearl E. Gates, to form ‘Pearl Harbor’ in the late ’80’s.

Anton then moved to Los Angeles, and found himself immersed in the contemporary Christian music scene, playing drums for the Salvation Army Praise Team and Choir, before joining the ‘God Inspired’ Praise/Worship Team and Choir.

In 2005, Anton toured Europe with the Jenny Kerr Band, including performing at EuroDisney/Disneyland Paris Theme Park. In 2006, Anton moved to Sonoma County, where he was a studio drummer for many local and out-of-town music artists. He also recorded and performed with Mingo Lewis, of Santana and The Tubes.

Anton’s paternal grandfather is Edward Vito, who was harpist with the Chicago Symphony, and NBC Symphony under conductor Arturo Toscanini.

Anton was drummer for the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa from 2006-2023, playing services nearly every Sunday.

Early influences include Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Bill Bruford, and Buddy Rich
Later influences include Gary Husband, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Joe Nevolo

Anton currently lives in Santa Rosa, CA, recording and performing with various local music artists.